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About us

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Purpose statement

The State Library of Victoria recognises the importance and contribution of former staff to the future achievement of the Library’s purpose and will maintain an association with former staff through an Alumni organisation and program. The goals of SLV Alumni are to:

  • establish a forum to help current and former State Library staff make or retain contact with one another and with the Library's activities
  • use the skills, networks and resources of members to support the Library in achieving its objectives
  • cultivate and support social networking among alumni members through communications, programs and services
  • promote membership and mentoring in the library, and corporate and community services
  • continue to maintain a positive relationship between the Library and SLV Alumni


The State Library had been eager for some time to create a social and professional network for former staff of the Library, to recognise staff contribution, and to preserve and promote the transference of specialist knowledge and experience.

The creation of SLV Alumni arose in part, from recommendations of staff participating in the Library's Shared Leadership Program who were keen to ensure that former staff could continue an association with the Library despite moving on to other endeavours. SLV Alumni was formed and officially launched in February 2011.

Initial efforts have been focused on establishing a website to allow members easy access to information about SLV Alumni. Future priorities include implementing phase two of the website, which will allow members to access an on-line and interactive forum.


A steering committee is responsible for determining the strategic objectives of SLV Alumni. The Library's People and Property Division provides assistance with the coordination of the program. Our aim is for SLV Alumni to become a self-sustaining group.

Image caption: Librarian shelving in the Arts section

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